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A blooming gallery for Durstone stand at Cevisama

7 June 2017
durstone stand for cevisama by vxlab

A stand that plays with private and public spaces and that unifies the two unique identities of Durstone and Q. VXLAB project for Durstone stand

Cevisama is the international Trade Fair held in Valencia. This fair showcases all the potential of the ceramic tile industry and its associated sectors such as frits, glazes and colours. Areas where Spain leads the world in innovation and technology. Here VXLAB has created Durstone stand that plays with private and public spaces and that, at the same time, solves the challenge of unifying the two unique identities of Durstone and Q.

The concept of The blooming gallery reappears reinvented on this fair, showing a more colorful, modern and ecologic approach. In order to achieve it, this area was conceived as a rounded house, more dazzling and colorful that closes its space with the broad collections of wall tiles that represent the young and eclectic vibes of Q.

Three bare materials decorate this private space, which defines the colour palette and the new elegance of the brand: pine, fabric and copper. Inside this area, a radial design it’s reflected from the ceiling to the floors. A central planter with seating areas that develop from it dominates this meeting space. That area dedicated to Q identity is delimitated with walls and scenes decorated with the latest product additions for Q.

The Durstone area, however, is an open space easily accessible from outside. You can get a glimpse of their latest collections from the corridors and enter the space. Mostly white and clean, slight touches of black create the contrast that is so minimalistic and characteristic of the brand.

durstone stand by vxlab interiors

vxlab for durstone stand interiors

durstone stand exterior

durstone interiors by vxlab

exteriors of durstone stand at cevisama

Project and photography by VXLAB

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