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The Plant Society, a new permanent location in Collingwood

25 July 2017
The Plant Society in Collingwood Melbourne new location

Designed and curated by Jason Chongue, The Plant Society embodies a new perspective and experience on the traditional plant nursery.

The Plant Society is about all things green. They are a plant social network that aims to provide a knowledge bank of skills and techniques for the avid plant enthusiast. As plant enthusiasts, they also forage the country to nurture relationships with the growers, collectors and gardeners. That’s why The Plant Society people work closely with plant enthusiasts, architects, interior designers and developers to create greener spaces.

In an existing café, the Mina-no-ie, in Collingwood, the Plant Society recently launches their permanent location. The space brings together two very different audiences that co-exist perfectly within an urban surrounding that cries out for greenery because of its increase in density and smaller apartments.

The approach to the store has been inspired by a new interpretation of the past, by curating a mixture of found objects from old terracotta pipes to painted art plinths. It becomes an exploration of how the common houseplant can be merchandised.

The different surfaces aims to amplify the retail experience, allowing the ever-changing collection of plants and commissioned pots to evolve. Born from a passion for design and plants, the Plant Society also aims to create a plant community, something like a plant social network.

“Our goal is to nurture 
and preserve rare and interesting plant species for future generations, and share the knowledge and skills required to grow them with our community,”

shares Chongue.

“By celebrating plants and all things green, we hope to establish a knowledge bank of skills and techniques that can be enjoyed by all plant enthusiasts, whatever their skill level.”

Alongside plant foraging, the business is actively involved on a range of events and projects to promote positive and open conversations around greenery.

the plant society interiors viewThe Plant Society in Collingwood Melbourne new location greenery inside The Plant Society greenery and visual merchandise The Plant Society Malbourne merchandise of the plant society interiors with greenery plant the plant society exterior
Images courtesy of Jason Chongue. Photography © Armelle Habib.




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