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Sonos flagship store in London: music like at home

21 November 2017

Home listening pioneers deliver a sonorous addition to London’s cultural landscape with the new Sonos flagship store.

Located in Earlham Street, Seven Dials, Sonos flagship store is inspired by the New York flagship and has been designed to replicate how the sound system would be implemented in a home environment.

The store combines elements from the brand’s New York store and from its Sonos Studios spaces. Sonos opened its first Studios space in Los Angeles in 2012 and another in London in 2015, which has since closed. Both allowed visitors to come in and listen to Sonos products as well as seeing exhibitions, talks, workshops or live performances. The brand has also opened temporary studios in Paris, New York, Austin and Amsterdam in the past few years.

This new retail shows how Sonos systems can seamlessly adapt to any home environment, and allows visitors to stream their own music between two state-of-the-art listening rooms. Sonos flagship store occupies a sizeable 2,500 sqm. across two floors, and offers a similar immersive environment that aims to raise local brand awareness.

On the ground floor are two house-shaped listening booths with glass walls and interiors designed by local artists. Camille Walala has filled one with colourful geometric patterns and Neil Raitt has transformed the other with paintings of mountains and rolling waves. These booths allow customers to experience ‘multi-room listening’. Each one is kitted out with a range of Sonos products and a demo triggered via an iPad replicates the experience of walking through a house and hearing Sonos speakers playing music in different rooms.

“We have carefully considered how people bring music into their home environment through curation,” explains store manager Whitney Walker, “and used it within the concept store to pay homage to the great city of London and the culture that was born here and continues to inspire the world.”

Celebrating music culture past and present, Sonos London tunes into the city’s famous heritage and provides a welcome addition for its countless culture vultures. Moreover with art on the walls and listening booths designed by local artists, the store is an alternative to the minimal retail spaces we’ve come to expect from consumer electronics brands.

Then, downstairs, there is a small event space complete with comfy seating for customers to lounge on while they listen to talks or musical performances. The space is fitted with screens and a digital turntable so can host a range of events. The felt walls and plush grey carpet help absorb sound in the space but they also create a home-like atmosphere. The aim is to create a space that people will want to come back to – even once they’ve bought a Sonos – to see events and exhibitions.

“The whole idea is that we wanted to create a location that is a crossroads between culture and commerce,” says Chad Lundeen, Direct to Consumer Global Retail Platform and Innovation Leader. “We want to sell speakers but we want you to fall in love with music and with Sonos.”

Credits by Sonos

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