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Artedomus showroom in SIdney: an immersive journey into a design heaven

3 December 2017
Artedomus showroom in SIdney

The Stella Collective and Thomas Coward Studio transform the traditional showroom concept into the creatives dream of limitless potential to the design professionals and dreamers alike, for Artedomus Showroom.

The main focus for Artedomus Showroom was innovating a beautiful yet interchangeable space whilst embracing the heritage buildings art deco feel. Hana Hakim of Stella Collective and Thomas Coward wanted to celebrate the unique and exquisite product range offered by Artedomus. Therefore they created an immersive journey into a cohesive template for a design heaven.

That’s why the collaboration of the dynamic duo captivates and demonstrates’ Artedomus inspirational and aspirational platform as the leading high-end supplier of architectural and interior design products.

Inspired by old Hollywood film sets – Hakim explains – Thomas and I wanted to push going beyond a concept store and do something dramatic but with such an exclusive product, permanence can be problematic in a retail sense. So we came up with custom designed interchangeable screens and plinths. These then became sets to demonstrate how all the products can work together. These settings unite Artedomus’ huge collection of products that can be used as a changing landscape to keep up with the demands of Australia’s most prominent stone, tile and bathware supplier.

Here is the result: Casa Artedomus.

As you enter, you are welcomed by a light filled atrium housing a custom fluted Elba marble reception desk. The clear inspiration is the Italian street-scape. Thus ‘Casa Artedomus’ is a heavenly dream apartment that is more of an aspirational home than showroom, housing Artedomus’ exclusive furniture and finishes. Here you are greeted by the uniquely alluring Smeraldo quartzite kitchen and Agapecasa Eros dining table designed by famed Mangiarotti in the living room.

Leading into a dramatic showroom that puts Artedomus bathware center stage, framing the setting with interchangeable custom screens and plinths. The journey ends in the Library, an architects and designer’s study housing the extensive range of unique quality tiles, mosaics and architectural ceramics.

“This showroom is our love letter to Artedomus. Their products help make an amazing contribution to the reputation of Australian architecture and design and we wanted their space to reflect that.”

The Stella Collective and Thomas Coward said

“I wanted our new home to be a light filled, inspirational space for designers, customers and staff to enjoy. The design captured this emotion completely and the result has enhanced all aspects of our business in Sydney,”

finally said Managing Director Phil Brenton of Artedomus.




Photos by Derek Swalwell.

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