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Pharmacie Des Amonts: light and design inside a pharmacy

11 December 2017
Pharmacie Des Amonts - store design

Colors and design for the warm Pharmacie Des Amonts in Les Ulis – Avenue Saintonge.

A transfer has been the occasion for Pharmacie Des Amonts to maintain and enhance the ethics of this profession, develop the quality of advice and hospitality, highlight the orthopedics and new missions following the HPST law, enhance its offer without becoming a health supermarket.

The very first thing you notice is the brightness of the place, thanks to the XF furniture of Th Kohl, designed by Alberto Meda. Moreover a large window let passenger discover the space before entering. The design furniture harmonizes with the wooden floor and the warm colors of the walls. The delivery area is recognizable by a choice of furniture and distinct color.

In the middle of the pharmacy, a glass door has the indication “medical space”. From here you can access 2 privacy rooms: 1 orthopedic room and 1 other dedicated to pharmaceutical interviews, which will also be used for 1st care and vaccinations. Clearly, the drugstore has not been neglected so far. There are 5 counters (including 1 for people with reduced mobility) at the bottom of the pharmacy and 1 in the middle to provide advice and possibly organize entertainment.

These are the words of the owner after project completion.

“J’aime beaucoup le design, l’ambiance du mobilier. On a l’unanimité des commerciaux, des clients, ils n’ont jamais vu une pharmacie comme la nôtre : jolie, agréable, aérée. Le professionnalisme et l’expérience de Th.Kohl sont tout de suite reconnaissables au niveau de la visibilité de l’offre et de la signalétique. Je voulais défendre mon cœur de métier et privilégier le médical. Le plan d’aménagement a été fait en fonction de cette orientation. J’ai une pharmacie sur mesure, personnalisée. Th.Kohl a su créer un espace chaleureux tout en valorisant bien l’aspect médical. Ils ont bien su comprendre mes priorités et ont réalisé une pharmacie unique, différente des autres. La performance est au rendez-vous, l’endroit convient aux patients, l’outil pharmacie est efficient. “

M. Licha

I love the design and the atmosphere of the furniture. We have the unanimity of salespeople, customers, they have never seen a pharmacy like ours: pretty, pleasant, airy. The professionalism and experience of Th.Kohl are immediately recognizable in the visibility of the offer and the signage. I wanted to defend my core business and privilege the medical. The management plan was made according to this orientation. I have a custom pharmacy, personalized. Th.Kohl has created a warm space while enhancing the medical aspect. They knew well my priorities and realized a unique pharmacy, different from others. The performance is at the rendezvous, the place is suitable for patients, the pharmacy tool is efficient.

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