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Lafayette 148, Miami

21 December 2017
Lafayette 148 in Miami

Lafayette 148: a new store in Brickell City Centre in Miami.

Lafayette 148 New York creates collections for sophisticated, confident women. Produced with the finest European fabrics and expert craftsmanship. Founded in 1996 by Shun Yen Siu, Deirdre Quinn, and Ida Siu, Lafayette 148 fuses the energy of its cosmopolitan New York roots with strong Chinese heritage resulting in a unique fusion of East and West.

In 2017 Lafayette 148 opened a new store in Miami. The storefront of the 2,100-sq.-ft. space was built to withstand hurricane force winds. The upper glass transoms allow the store ambiance to spill out into the mall.

Designed by Charles Sparks + Co., the concept is “SoHo meets Miami,” to play on the brand’s New York roots and its headquarters in SoHo. It features a minimalist aesthetic and a sense of casual luxury.

According to the architect’s concept, windows were used as room dividers in the style of exterior windows found in city lofts to create the sense of light, perspective and space beyond. The result is a sequence of portals connecting rooms and small light-filled spaces along walls that feel intimate and loft-like. Moreover windows along the walls of the windowless space create a sense of the outside-in.

Seating, upholstery selections, art work, area rugs, loose tables, merchandise fixtures and showcases were all curated with the brand DNA in mind. Everything was designed and selected to communicate bespoke quality, in the classic modernist traditions.

Finally, lighting was designed with the ability to tune color and output for time of day and for setting scenes to amplify mood and ambiance.

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