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L’Arte Contadina: a restaurant in Bari by K1artStudio

26 December 2017
Arte contadina restaurant in Puglia by K1 artstudio

L’Arte Contadina: the atmosphere of the countryside in a pizza restaurant in Sammichele di Bari (Puglia – Italy)

Italy is a country famous for its food. Nevertheless most of this well-known restaurants are designed by talented architects, able to express the spirit of the surrounding territory with the design of the interiors. L’Arte Contadina is one of those well done projects, where the atmospheres and landscapes of the surrounding environment becomes the main concept of the whole space.

The return to the origins, the simplicity and geniuity of ancient “peasant art” lives in the interior design thanks to the use of natural materials and pastel colors.

The old cottage has been fully furnished with careful attention to detail, always thinking to the brand identity.

The dehors is characterized by a total white tones for the structural part, in order to improve brightness to the entire environment, partially covered.

The exterior space is welcoming thanks to the use of different decorations on the long stone walls. Colors and object chosen, allowed the K1artStudio designers to create perfect continuity with the interior space. Finally, many decorative objects are tailor-made to fully adapt to the dynamics of each space.

Cortesy by K1artStudio

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