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Everlane Store: design by Leong Leong in Manhattan

1 January 2018
everlane store in new york

Everlane Store: the brand’s first-ever physical store on Prince Street

Transparency and white are the key elements designed by Leong Leong for the new Everlane Store in Manhattan.

Skylights flood the space with daylight from above. Symmetrical, semi-transparent dividers between sections of merchandise, the largely linear layout opens Everlane Prince through the 280-sq-m depth of space from its glass storefront.

The radical transparency is also the mission of Everlane, who partners with the best, ethical factories around the world. Moreover direct-to-consumer retailer Everlane famously takes its company model from the software development industry: its products are continuously optimized iterations of simple yet high-end everyday basics. Their clothes are practical pieces that will hopefully become customers’ go-to items.

Leong Leong worked in close collaboration with Everlane, and adopted the brand’s simplicity with natural wood and perforated metal in a clean and minimal palette along white walls and floors. The avoidance of accessories or ornament underlines the brand’s mission of radical transparency, where every production cost associated with each item of clothing is disclosed, from labour to transportation and mark-up.

The online origins of the retailer are integrated into the store by reimagining the payment counter as a concierge desk that allows customers to access their online accounts and purchasing history to shop cashless and cardless.

Finally, the fitting-room area features a large common space with a four-metre mirror to promote a social shopping atmosphere, and Everlane intends the flagship store to play host to community events and education panels.

Design: Leong Leong
Photography: Naho Kubota

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