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Genovesi Pharmacy in Otricoli (TR): light and brightness

7 January 2018
Pharmacy Genovesi in Otricoli by Th Kohl

Genovesi Pharmacy in Italy, designed and manufactured by Th Kohl.

Th Kohl is a market leader of its sector, synonym of the highest-quality furniture and of an extraordinary interior design for pharmacies. Whatever the space, whatever the place, they interpret the characteristics and requirements of the pharmacy owner who choose them, with an original touch every time. Thus Th.Kohl layouts become precious tools for promoting the image, the business and the growth of the pharmacy.

The solution proposed for the Genovesi Pharmacy in Otricoli has been designed by Th Kohl’s designers to create a very bright environment, where the light comes from the large windows to enhance the XF line furnishing by Alberto Meda.
Both the floor wood and the false ceiling are of a soft beige color, which highlight the white counter and the infopoint, placed in the center of the room.
The ceiling is enriched by a lighting system that creates a pleasant geometric effect, together with the dynamic false ceiling.

Courtesy Th Kohl

2016 | Otricoli (TR) – Via Roma, 1

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