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Pharmacy Zerbini in Treviso (Italy): not the classic B&W

1 February 2018

Pharmacy Zerbini: where the classic black and white is empowered by bright yellow

When Th.Kohl had to deal with the restyling of Pharmacy Zerbini (Treviso, Italy), it faced a very challenging request: transmit the traditional values of Italian pharmacies but, at the same time, convey the image of a very innovative pharmacy, ahead of the changing times. It was a difficult task but Th.Kohl interior designers were able to overcome it. And that’s how they did it.

Everything is based on a game of contrast between straight lines and curvilinear elements, in a timeless encounter that combines classic and modern, in a synthesis able to highlight the professionalism of the team and the high quality of the services. The first contrast that can be noticed, is that between the square ceramic tiles that compose the floor and the impressive white false ceiling that runs sinuously along the entire hall of 250 square meters. To highlight the forms of this element, the ceiling has been painted yellow, such as the columns that connect the floor and the false ceiling.

Another contrast that can be noticed is related to the elements settled in the center of the room. In fact, there is an alternation between the counters, white and with clean lines, and the low, gray, semi-circle display elements. All these elements together help to give direction to the customers’ flow to the main counter and to the different areas of the pharmacy. On the sides, the perimeter displays become interesting elements of rupture thanks to the black background.

The space thus created – which seems ethereal and immortal – fills with life when the products are placed on the shelves.

Pharmacy Zerbini (Treviso) Pharmacy Zerbini (Treviso) Pharmacy Zerbini (Treviso)Thanks to the black background, the medical products are able to stand out elegantly, inviting costumers to notice them, to pick them up and then take them to the cash desk.

Each product area is well defined by communication panels placed in the upper part of the exhibitors. These panels, of the same shade of white as the walls, are composed both of a written and an iconographic part: at the ends of the panels, icons representing the products displayed in that area are arranged in the shape of an isosceles triangle. The vertices of these triangles invite the eye to move to the central part of the panel, in which there are the writings that elegantly show the name of the product category placed in that point.

Finally, it’s interesting to analyze the lighting solutions adopted for Pharmacy Zerbini. The recessed spotlights dot the entire perimeter of the false ceiling, while the circular shapes that are located in its central body are illuminated by LED lights. Finally, some spotlights are inserted in some particular protuberances of the false ceiling, which extend downwards as if they were attracted by a mysterious force of gravity.

Pharmacy Zerbini (Treviso) Pharmacy Zerbini (Treviso) Pharmacy Zerbini (Treviso) Pharmacy Zerbini (Treviso) Pharmacy Zerbini (Treviso)

Pictures courtesy: Th Kohl

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