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Pharmacy Blasi, to plunge into the sea of health

8 March 2018

Pharmacy Blasi: let yourself be lulled by all the references to the sea of this mesmerizing project

When the owner of Pharmacy Blasi decided to transfer his pharmacy to a new place, he did not just want to buy some nice furniture. No, because as well as beautiful, he wanted his pharmacy to be a place completely dedicated to health, able to cure both the body and the soul.

And, if the medicines placate the ailments, what is more effective than sea to pacify minds? This is what Th.Kohl‘s designers must have thought when they projected this modern pharmacy that romantically recalls the sea.

First of all, a reference to the sea is given by the dominant use of a color generally not very common in pharmacy, i.e. blue. Welcomed by this unusual but reassuring color, the client is lulled by the gentle waves of the false ceiling, which, white and imposing, stands out against the light-blue ceiling.

It’s possible to notice a a second reference to the sea in the game of light produced by many spotlights caved into the false ceiling. These produce, above the exhibitors placed in front of the shop windows, a light effect very similar to the waves’ shape.


Finally, behind the counter you can see two spiral chutes that recall the vortices that are sometimes generated in the ocean. These are nothing more than the slides with which the medicines are brought to the counter from the automated warehouse that you can see in the room’s back. What looks like a normal blue wall, in fact, is the side of an automated robot for pharmacies that stores, withdraws and delivers medicines to the counter.

The idea of inserting glass walls on the side of this robot, in order to make its presence more tangible, is very appreciable. But even more noteworthy is the decision to put on the shelves placed on the walls of the robot, as well as medicines, even some old pharmacy jars. This represents a perfect encounter between past and modern, classicism and innovation, expression of the soul of Pharmacy Blasi.

Despite the surreal environment created by all these references to the sea, the pharmacy still transmits an image of rigor and professionalism thanks to the decision to use the white color for the counters and for the display elements placed all around the walls of the pharmacy.


Pictures courtesy: Th Kohl

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