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Louis Vuitton Flagship Masaryk, Mexico City

13 March 2018

A stunning facade for Louis Vuitton Flagship Masaryk, that is both a decorative and architectural element.

Materia has been the architectural design firm for Louis Vuitton for more than 6 years on its Latin American projects. The, developed the brand identity in the architecture of their stores implementing the brand’s design standards.

The twist for Louis Vuitton Masaryk Flagship was to make the facade double sided. Not only as a decorative façade, but as an architectural element that can regulate the amount of light that enters the store. The façade also creates a screen that provides privacy while at the same time introduces the exterior context to the shopping experience.

The concept was a continuous cloth with the same level of detail and sophistication that the brand and its products contain. To achieve this, studies were made of solar radiation, thermal protection, natural lighting, and solar angle. The design studio played not only with the size and thickness of the panels, but also developed a particular and specific system for the structure that is drowned between the two wooden panels.

The innovation is in the extremely light and simple structure containing enough flex for the city of Mexico that has threats of continuous earthquakes, and at the same time to be strong and hidden from sight.

Additionally, the interior double-height space allows visitors to experience the light that enters the façade as they travel within the store.

Definetely a space worth to be visited!

Design: MATERIA / Gustavo Carmona

Year: 2017

Location: Ciudad de México

Photo:  Jaime Navarro

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