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Storari’s Pharmacy “Internazionale”: between history and modernity

21 March 2018

Pharmacy Storari: between history and modernity

The “Pharmacy Internazionale” owned by the Storari family is a classic example of a small historic shop located in a tourist resort, specifically on Lake Garda, in Italy. The pharmacy over the years has felt the need to renew itself in order to offer its customers a more pleasant shopping experience.

For this realization, the owners wanted to modernize the spaces while maintaining their historical character. For this reason, the numerous lockers-exhibitors that surrounded the entire perimeter of the room, have been removed except for the few left behind the counter and repainted in black. Above these,  some ancient pharmacy jars are shown to furtherly underline the historical heritage of the environment.
The three-dimensional details on the front of the historic counter have also been repainted in black. Alongside this, a second banquet was added in order to make two doctors available to the public at the same time.

To allow the light to filter through the large windows, some elegant exhibitors with opaque glass background have been placed right behind those. In addition to the natural light, a simple but effective lighting system allows the pharmacy to look bright and pleasant, in contrast to the dark and dull climate that characterized the room before its renovation.

The project, realized by Th.Kohl, has been completed with the reproduction on the wall of a historical handwritten letter addressed to the pharmacy by a particular client: the famous Italian writer Gabriele D’Annunzio.


Pictures courtesy: Th Kohl

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