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La Farcia: when design meets food and lifestyle

28 March 2018
La Farcia sandwhich shop in Turin by AMlab

Creativity and tradition blend into a gourmet sandwich shop: La Farcia

La Farcia was born from an idea of chef Flavio Ghigo, to rediscover the local culinary excellence and reinterpret the formula of a fast food. Here creativity and tradition blend into a gourmet sandwich shop.

Despite its contemporary appearance, the vintage mood recalls memories and tastes related to childhood and family. The interior design by AMlAb creates a cozy environment where you can have a relaxing break and you can taste a high quality and healthy sandwhich.

A real experiential journey to discover the flavors of bread.

A space that catches the attention and creates curiosity as all the elements build a strong relationship with the customer. An atmosphere that talks about discovery and gastronomic innovation.

La Farcia different shops are located in Turin, withing the city streets. They all offer a magic journey between the excellence of the bread and traditional tastes. The spaces recall the idea of a Fast Food but with an innovative mood. Here the real luxury is the awareness of what you eat. 

The design, with its colors and materials, let the food be the real hero of the space.




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