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Tiny and stylish: Fumi Coffee in Shanghai

30 March 2018

Tiny and stylish: Fumi Coffee in Shanghai

Fumi Coffee, in Shanghai, is a coffee shop with small dimensions and a great design. An elegant and clean style, that expresses the soul of the store in every element, from the inside out.

It starts with the sculptural false ceiling, composed of many undulating beams placed side by side that even seem to pierce the front walls of the room to be visible on the facade of the building. These beams are nothing but a visual transposition of the aroma of coffee, dark as the precious drink, able to attract attention and to awake the senses of those who walk down the street.

In perfect contrast with the ceiling, the rest of the room has light colours, while the counter and the work station have reflecting surfaces in order to make the whole space look bigger.

Even the tables and the stools have a glossy finish that recalls the material used to make the Moka coffeepot. Pots that are hung on the walls in an artistic composition. On the opposite wall a backlit mirror gives us a false, thus nice, sense of proportions.

The bar and the stools around the counter at the front of the café are black. Sitting here, the customer feels like having a coffee shop in a private part of the street. Thanks to an opening-upwards window, the shop faces directly the sidewalk.


Designer: Designer Alberto Caiola

Photography by Dirk Wieblen




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