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Pharmacy Riva: natural atmospheres within engaging sensations

3 April 2018
Pharmacy Riva by AMlab

AMlab designed Pharmacy Riva: a cozy place for a happier client

Pharmacy Riva is a cozy place, in which the client feels like home thanks to a pleasant combination of lights, sounds and perfumes. It is a sort of “Pharmacy 3.0” concept, that offers experiences that go beyond buying, fostering authentic relationships with the space and unexpected interactions with products.

Pharmacy Riva is a place that inspires natural feelings. Here the costumer can have a relaxing shopping experience, far away from the shop-and-go experience of shopping malls.


The project had a big purpose: to transform some irregular spaces into an attractive and cozy place for the client. A path to health, where you can find the right advice. A place that fosters interaction and relationships, giving rise to opportunities for meetings that go beyond the shopping experience, and offer the opportunity to rediscover authentic values.


AMlab designed a layout  that let the client to cover all the store’s spaces. An engaging environment that invites you to explore every area of interaction.

Different materials, chromatic alternations and light effects: all these elements define different areas.  The overall result is a place in which you can feel like at home. A place in which you can find your balance.

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