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Torel Avant Garde hotel

16 April 2018
Torel Avant Garde hotel in Portugal Porto

Torel Avant Garde hotel: Porto’s newest five-star hotel, located on a hill in the middle of town overlooking the glinting River Douro.

Torel Avant Garde hotel is Porto’s newest five-star hotel, thet pays homage to the best of Portuguese arts and crafts.

Thirteen creatives were pulled together by interior designer Isabel Sá Nogueira: sculptor Paulo Neves, responsible for the entrance doors and restaurant, graffiti artist Frederico Draw, visual artist Jorge Curval and many others.

Isabel Sá Nogueira is also the creator of the memorable flower room where artificial blossoms cover the ceilings and walls.

The 47 rooms’ interiors vary from four-poster beds (Frida Kahlo) to the private hot tub in the Coco Chanel suite. They are named after figures from the avant-garde era such as Francis Bacon, Alberto Giacometti or Salvador Dali, and each one reflects the personality of the artist on the door.

Finally, a tiny spa is hidden in the basement and a swimming pool lies in the gardens. There is also a restaurant, Digby, the first outlet of Lisbon’s acclaimed Casa da Comida.

Torel Avant Garde hotel is definitely a hotel that is worth visiting on a trip to Portugal!

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