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Sagegreenlife: Living Design Gives New Life to the Shopping Experience

25 April 2018

Sagegreenlife introduces a new way to surprise, delight and inspire customers in your store, thanks to plant life on display.

It’s no secret that the way people shop has changed drastically in recent years. From shifts in technology to heightened design and experiential expectations from consumers, retailers have more reasons than ever to deliver memorable shopping environments. Introducing plant life to these spaces can be an effective way to accomplish this, while also elevating the status of brands themselves.

Creating a Welcoming Environment

In retail settings, the presence of plants attracts more potential customers and encourages them to spend more while they shop. In fact, in a study conducted by the Vienna University of Economics and Business, stores with plant life on display saw nearly 25 percent more people walk through the doors compared to other stores in the same mall. Additionally, stores displaying plants increased interactions between the space and people by more than 33 percent, which gave employees more opportunities to make sales.

Making a Statement About the Brand

Aside from the design of the storefront itself, brands have an opportunity to make a statement about their values and identities by utilizing living décor in their spaces. Given the public’s increased focus on health, wellness and sustainability, brands can use greenery to demonstrate that they’re in tune with the environment, which resonates with consumers. In a recent study, Nielson found that nearly 75 percent of Millennials are willing to pay more for products from brands that support sustainable solutions. Of course, brands need to “walk the walk” in terms of eco-friendliness, but living design can serve as a physical manifestation of these values.

In an age when brick and mortar competition continues to mount, stores should find new ways to differentiate themselves and deliver on the promise to surprise, delight and inspire shoppers when they walk through their doors. Incorporating natural elements into retail designs is a simple method for improving the retail experience, providing an environment that draws consumers in and makes a strong statement about the brand’s unique traits.

Text by: Nathan Beckner – Horticulturist and Plant Design Manager at Sagegreenlife

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