Market leader of its sector, synonym of the highest-quality furniture and of an extraordinary interior design. This is the description that every pharmacist would give to define Th.Kohl. Why?

Because it deserves it. Because it earned it.

With almost a century of experience in high-standard pharmacies’ furniture and over 18.000 clients all over Europe, its focus on this particular market led Th.Kohl to develop a strong knowledge about retail spaces, where the beauty of architecture and highly customised design must be combined with each pharmacist’s business and professional objectives.

But there are other key factors that make Th.Kohl the market leader: according to the company’s philosophy, behind every pharmacist there is a person and an entrepreneur, unique for its own identity and choices. Every single element, from interior design to the lighting and layout solutions must reflect this uniqueness.

Result: thousands of pharmacists have chosen Th.Kohl to fulfil the dream of having a personalized, bespoke space, able to express their professional identities and enhance their profits. And they will choose Th.Kohl again and again, since when you get use to the best, it is impossible to settle for less. 

Some of Th.Kohl's clients in Italy and France.